Community Springs into Action to Help Save Neighbor’s Mother

Portland Nextdoor member, Betsy, couldn’t wait to host her family for Christmas dinner. After picking up her mother – who needs the help of an oxygen tank to breathe – and driving to Betsy’s home, Betsy’s sister realized that she had left behind a critical piece of their mother’s oxygen tank: the nosepiece. Without it, Christmas dinner would have to be put on hold, as their mother would need to spend the evening at the hospital because every place to locate a replacement piece was closed.

Betsy immediately turned to her Nextdoor neighborhood for help by posting an urgent alert asking if anyone had a nosepiece for an oxygen tank. Within minutes, a neighbor responded with an offer to drive around to any open stores to help find the missing piece. Another neighbor responded just minutes later that she actually had the very piece they were looking for, unused and still in its packaging. Betsy rushed to her neighbor’s home to pick up the nosepiece, and credits her neighbor with saving her mother’s life – and the family’s cherished Christmas tradition.

“We have a lot of doctors in this neighborhood, and I thought this was my opportunity to reach out and find out if someone had what we needed, and it turned out that they did,” Betsy said. “The main thing is that Nextdoor connects all of us.”

Betsy (bottom right), her mother (back row, third from right) and the family get ready to enjoy Christmas dinner after a neighbor had the missing piece for her mother’s oxygen tank.

As reported by KPTV Portland.

Do you have a story about how you have used Nextdoor in your neighborhood? Let us know.


2 responses to Community Springs into Action to Help Save Neighbor’s Mother

  1. Mary Howard

    A beautiful story and also saving the life of a member of a much loved member.

  2. Tammy Henson

    It’s awesome to hear stories like this. Just when you think our world has come to nothing, you hear stories like this.

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