Looking for Reindeer? Look No Further than Nextdoor’s Holiday Cheer Map

Not every community can say that they have a friendly neighborhood reindeer, but Nextdoor South Addition in Anchorage, Alaska isn’t just any neighborhood.

For several years, Albert Whitehead, the Lead and Founding Member of Nextdoor South Addition, has cared for Star the Reindeer. With an impressive rack of antlers that span more than two feet, Star is a common sight in downtown Anchorage, where she’s often seen strolling with Albert down the main street.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 5.38.03 PM

Albert started his Nextdoor website to keep in touch with his neighborhood about everything from severe weather to giving away free items. Recently, he used Nextdoor to communicate with his neighbors about bear sightings, using the information as a guide to plan a safe route for Star’s daily walks.

As the holidays approach, Star becomes even more of a local celebrity. “I had a local school bring over a kindergarten class recently. We had a little discussion about how reindeer live and change their antlers. I told them if they came by on Christmas Eve and she was not there, then one of Santa’s reindeer was sick and she was filling in,” Albert says with a laugh. “Got some big eyes on that one.”

And the good news? Neighbors in Anchorage can use the Holiday Cheer Map to find Star and plan to stop by for a visit this holiday season – if Star isn’t off helping Santa deliver presents, that is!


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