Nextdoor Community Saves Annual Holiday Tradition

For the past fifteen years, Alaska resident Jeff Fowler has put up a dazzling display of holiday lights and playful characters at his home to show his holiday spirit.

This year, however, he needed a little help to keep his annual tradition from going dark. Just weeks before, Jeff fell from a ladder and broke his collarbone, leaving him unable to hang his famous decorations.

That’s when the community stepped up. Thanks to several posts on Nextdoor, the neighborhood rallied more than a dozen volunteers to spend an entire chilly day setting up the display.

“I’ve admired the light display Jeff does for years,” says Jeff’s neighbor, who helped set up the lights. “It’s really nice to see a neighbor who still does that, and to give back a little for all the joy I’ve gotten from his decorations.”

“It’s going to be more enjoyable for me to look at the lights this year,” Jeff says. “So many people helped out to put it together.”

As reported by CBS Anchorage.

Do you have a story about how you have used Nextdoor in your neighborhood? Let us know!


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