New Orleans Neighborhood Plans Community Clean-Up with Nextdoor

When a New Orleans resident’s dog passed away after ingesting trash off the road, local Nextdoor member Patrick Lachute decided something had to be done. He set out to clean up his neighborhood by himself, but quickly found that he was in over his head.

“About a week ago, I was walking along picking up trash, and there was just so much. I needed help – it was more than I could do,” says Patrick. He quickly realized he could use technology to make a bigger impact. “I reached out to the community on Nextdoor and started asking if anyone could join.”

Patrick admitted he was hoping for around 100 people to help. Thanks to his post on Nextdoor Algiers Point, however, he received more than 300 responses from neighbors who committed to help. The community clean-up turned out to be one of the largest the community has ever seen.

Most people might stop there, but not Patrick – he has planned a clean-up for a local park next week.

As reported by CBS New Orleans.

Have your own story about how you’ve used Nextdoor? Tell us about it.


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