Celebrating a Successful Year with the San Diego Police Department

We are excited to celebrate a successful first year of partnership with the San Diego Police Department! Our Co-Founder, Sarah Leary, was in San Diego today to mark the anniversary.

SDPD Press Conference

The San Diego Police Department celebrates its one year anniversary of partnering with Nextdoor along with local members and the Nextdoor team. 

Just over a year ago, the San Diego Police Department partnered with Nextdoor to improve neighbor-to-neighbor communications as well as increase participation in Neighborhood Watch across the city. Today, the number of people involved in Neighborhood Watch has increased nearly 200% – and nearly 93% of the neighborhoods in San Diego have started Nextdoor websites.

Updates from the San Diego Police Department have helped residents stay safe. Just a few weeks ago, an officer posted an alert about an attempted assault in a local park and included a detailed description of the suspect. Residents close to the park first heard of the incident due to the officer’s post and knew to be on the lookout.

But the SDPD doesn’t only use Nextdoor for Neighborhood Watch and crime alerts. In times of crisis – like the wildfires last week – the Police Department quickly shared critical updates with residents. Members told us that they first learned of road closures and evacuations due to real-time updates from the SDPD on Nextdoor. Now, we are hearing stories from Nextdoor members in communities that were directly impacted by the fires – neighbors are coming together to support those who lost their homes.

We are grateful for the opportunity to help make San Diego a great place to call home.  We look forward to the upcoming year and welcoming even more San Diegans on Nextdoor.

You can join or start your Nextdoor website here.

Danielle Michelsen
Communications Associate


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