How Neighbors Share on Nextdoor

We constantly hear from our members about how Nextdoor helps them get know their neighbors and also give back to their community. Whether it’s sharing a cup of sugar with a neighbor, hosting a potluck dinner for the neighborhood, or helping each other in times of need, we love to see everyone helping their fellow neighbors.

In honor of Earth Month in April, we wanted to highlight the many ways neighbors come together to share with each other through Nextdoor – and encourage even more sharing.

Host a neighborhood-wide garage sale to clear out the clutter this spring.

Tom Bradley Garage Sale

Members of Nextdoor Walker Central browse their indoor garage sale. Looking for a simple way to make a dent in spring cleaning and help your neighbors? A neighborhood-wide garage sale could be your answer.

Tom Bradley, Founding Member and Lead of Nextdoor Walker Central, hosted a garage sale for several nearby neighborhoods at their community church. “It was a great event, with 200-300 in attendance,” he says. “It was wonderful to see many neighbors participating, and we had a great time. We’re now planning block parties with many of our neighborhoods this summer for neighbors to connect.”

1504348_10202849332902564_865516563_o (3)

Loyce built a small library and invites her neighbors to take and donate books.

Build a neighborhood library.

“It’s important to me to know the people around me and to strengthen neighborhood ties, so I put together a book box/exchange outside my home to encourage neighbors to engage with each other face-to-face, and I promote it on Nextdoor,” says Loyce Smallwood, Founding Member and Lead of Nextdoor Christian Valley Park in Auburn, CA. “I look forward to an enjoyable summer of neighborhood connections strengthened by the book exchange. A win-win all around.”

Jesse Kegg Potluck Dinners

Jesse’s neighborhood gathers for a neighborhood potluck dinner once a month to meet new neighbors and build a stronger community.

Start a neighborhood potluck tradition.

“The most repeated statement I hear from neighbors is, ‘I have lived here for years and I don’t even know my neighbors, thanks for doing this,” says Jesse Kegg, Founding Member and Lead of Nextdoor Summerbrooke in Mount Dora, FL, who hosts the dinners with his wife. “To be honest, many of the people we have connected with [at these dinners] are now friends.”

Whether you are already sharing with your neighbors, like the neighborhoods above, or you simply join Nextdoor to get to know your neighbors, we’d like to hear about it. Share your stories with us using the hashtag #neighborshare or let us know at

Happy Earth Month!

Anne Dreshfield
Communications Coordinator

PS: Snap a great photo of you and your neighbors celebrating Earth Month? Submit it here to be entered to win a catered block party, courtesy of Nextdoor!


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