The Sun-Filled City of Phoenix Joins Nextdoor

photo-3 copyPolice Chief Daniel Garcia, Nextdoor Co-Founder and CEO Nirav Tolia, Public Safety Commissioner and Council Member Michael Nowakowski, Nextdoor member Randy Jones, and Mayor Greg Stanton celebrate the partnership.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re joining forces with the City of Phoenix and the Phoenix Police Department. As the capital of Arizona and the sixth largest city in the United States, this is an exciting partnership that will better connect Phoenix residents to both their city and police at a hyperlocal level.

Led by Phoenix Chief of Police Daniel Garcia, this integration will enable the Phoenix Police Department to use Nextdoor to disseminate information to Phoenix residents quickly and effectively.

“We’re going to create neighborhoods that we can identify and communicate with – a lot of areas we maybe didn’t have communication with before,” says Phoenix Police Chief Daniel Garcia. “This is a different way for residents to communicate with us.”

More than 406 neighborhoods, representing nearly 80% of the City of Phoenix, have already started Nextdoor websites.

Phoenix joins other progressive cities like New York, Los Angeles, Houston, and Austin that have partnered with Nextdoor to make their local neighborhoods stronger and safer places to call home.

You can join or start your own Nextdoor neighborhood here.

Danielle Michelsen
Communications Associate


2 responses to The Sun-Filled City of Phoenix Joins Nextdoor

  1. River Run HOA

    Welcome to Nextdoor from River Run HOA in Indianapolis, IN. We’ve been using Nextdoor for approximately 2 years and have found it to be very helpful. From services offered by homeowners, lost pets, beware of ??(what’s been seen in the community) and Notifications as well. So far everyone that has used it is very thankful that we have and wishes we had it sooner.
    Congratulations and again Welcome to Nextdoor, your gonna love it.

  2. Alfredo Pacheco Jr

    Glad to see Phoenix joining the Nextdoor movement. I am shocked to see that Phoenix has 406 communities already created, putting it at 80%, and I’m one of them ;-).

    Here’s hoping to achieve 100%.

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