Nextdoor and Fresno Police Department Team Up

In an effort to help facilitate a virtual neighborhood watch program and help foster neighbor-to-neighbor communications, the Fresno Police Department, led by Police Chief Jerry Dyer, has partnered with Nextdoor. We are honored to be working with yet another progressive and innovative Police Department that understands the power technology has in building stronger and safer neighborhoods.

Fresno Police Department

Already, more than 65% of Fresno neighborhoods use Nextdoor to stay connected. Residents use Nextdoor to share information about neighborhood watch and safety issues, recommendations for local services, to plan neighborhood events, quickly spread the word about lost pets, and much more.

The Fresno Police Department will use Nextdoor to share important safety updates, emergency notifications, news, services, and programs with Fresno neighborhoods signed up on the platform.

Fresno joins San Jose, San Diego, Sacramento, and other California cities in adopting Nextdoor, as well as more than 130 other cities across the country.

Nextdoor Co-Founder Sarah Leary was in Fresno this morning to announce the news. You can read The Fresno Bee’s coverage of the launch here.

To join or start your Nextdoor neighborhood, click here.

Danielle Michelsen
Communications Associate


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