Mobile Feature Enhancements: Neighborhood Map, Invitation Postcards, and More

Here at Nextdoor, we know that mobile apps are essential to your daily interaction with Nextdoor – they literally put the neighborhood in the palm of your hand.

Our members have been providing feedback on how we can improve the Nextdoor for Mobile experience, and we have been listening.

We’re excited to let you know that we have released new features with Nextdoor for iPhone and iPod Touch v1.2 with a focus on the neighborhood map and expanded invitation options. 

Neighborhood map showing you and your neighbors

blogpost_map1 (1)

Now it’s even easier to see your neighborhood on-the-go with our new Map feature. Simply tap into the navigation menu and select “Map & Directory.” Select “Map” and enjoy a brand-new bird’s-eye view of your neighborhood, complete with color-coded markers to indicate members (green), invited neighbors (yellow), and neighbors who still need invitations (red).

Send Invitation Postcards

blogpost_map3 (1)

You can now send invitation postcards straight from the new map on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Simply tap one of the red dots to invite your neighbors and select postcard. If you select postcards, you will be prompted to customize the message that is printed on the invitation. You will also see an up-to-date count of your postcard quota count for the month.

New Invitation Methods

blogpost_map2 (1)

Speaking of invitations, have you ever bumped into a neighbor and wished you could invite them to Nextdoor? Now your neighbor can give you their phone number and you can invite them through a text message right then and there.

In addition, we have given you better access to creating new posts, a larger and easier-to-read notifications list, and a brand new app icon for your home screen.

We are constantly working to improve Nextdoor, whether it is on desktop or mobile devices. If you have any product feedback or suggestions, please let us know at

Hootan Mahallati
Director of Product, Mobile


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