Nextdoor Partners with Cincinnati

We are happy to announce Nextdoor’s partnership with the City of Cincinnati!

Today the entire City of Cincinnati, including Mayor Mark Mallory, City Manager Milton Dohoney, and Interim Police Chief Paul Humphries, enthusiastically embraced Nextdoor to improve engagement between its residents and to foster neighbor-to-neighbor communications.

Each of the City’s 52 neighborhoods will have its own private Nextdoor neighborhood website and several departments under the City Manager, as well as the Cincinnati Police Department, will be able to post important news, services, programs, free events, and emergency notifications to the neighborhoods’ Nextdoor sites.

Cincinnati is the first major city in the state of Ohio to adopt Nextdoor and joins other progressive cities like Dallas, Denver and San Diego that understand the powerful role technology plays in creating safer, stronger neighborhoods.


Jen Harding

Communications Manager


2 responses to Nextdoor Partners with Cincinnati

  1. Beallo Kathy

    Please help-I want to be on the NextdoorNorthstar (CA) and I can’t as you mail the code only to the vacation house and not my HOME address. I have a place also in Martis Camp and the gals are joining the NextdoorNorthstar for both places and NONE of them are there full-time -why can’t I do that? I also belong to a neighborhood chat in the Oakland Hills and I get every correspondence that the group sends out and I live elsewhere. Please send a post card to: Kathy Beallo, 1217 Bristol Lane, Pebble Beach CA 93953. I would also like to do a program like this with the ladies at my country club down here. Again, please help. I would appreciate that.

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